Thursday, August 16, 2018

Four Yoga mudras for balancing energy

Mudras are pure magic. A mudra is a hand position that balances energy in the body and mind. Mudras were created by ancient yogis to calm the mind, restore physical health, and optimize energy. I’ve been practicing and studying mudras for years and they have become an integrated part of my daily life. The power we hold in our own hands to balance our lives blows me away!
Each part of our hand corresponds with a particular area of our brain and body. Mudras stimulate our glands, nerves, and organs. By using specific hand positions on a consistent basis, we can communicate very clearly with our body and mind. One of my yoga teachers Gurmukh says, “the hands become a keyboard for input to our mind/body computer.” Imagine, your hands have the ability to recalibrate what is happening inside your mind and body, amazing right?

Set of four mudras for balancing energy that are used in a sequence.

Alternately touch the tips of each finger with the tip of your thumb. Keep each connected for a few seconds or longer and do for a few minutes total. Do this with both hands simultaneously.

This is a simple way of balancing your energy that you can do almost anywhere, while sitting, standing, walking, lying down.

The overall effect is that you get calmer, more relaxed and concentrated.

The separate mudras (hand positions) have the following effects:

Thumb touches tip of index finger - Opens the Root chakra, and moves more energy to the legs and lower body. Makes one calmer and more concentrated.

Thumb touches tip of middle finger - Improves commitment, focus, patience, and understanding. This mudra helps one carry out their life’s responsibilities. Helps in hairloss.

Thumb touches tip of ring finger - Energy, stability and self-confidence. Stimulates - Nervous system, increases the element of fire in the body which improves digestion.

Thumb touches tip of pinky finger - Promotes clear communication, intuition, and psychic development. It can also help relieve muscular pain. Balances water element in the body.

How long do you hold mudras?

To use a mudra, keep it for at least a couple of minutes. It is usually more effective to do them a while longer, like 15 minutes or so. You might spread that time over the day, but you could also make it part of meditation. Hold the finger-positions with both hands, at the same time.

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